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YMCA Partners with Our School - Field Days Rocked!!!

Field Day Rocked @ the Hemby Center!

The Siskey YMCA partnered with Antioch with both organizations benefitting from each other.  Siskey Senior Director, Ryan Graham, and Mr. Hoover started talking about the partnership last summer.  The YMCA needed more physical access for their fall and winter basketball programs.  Mr. Hoover wished for an "even richer field day experience for kids, but offsite", according to Liz Defreitas, Siskey's senior program director.  Liz organized all the field day events and worked with Mr. Hoover to provide field days for kindergarten through fourth grade students at the Hemby Center.  Fun was had by all!

Mr. Hoover also arranged a staff team building event in August for the staff.  Mr. Hoover stated, "I think it is critical that schools find ways to partnership within our community.  The partnership we have with the YMCA is a great example of a situation that benefits both parties and more importantly benefits the kids."  The success of that team building event enabled the staff to realize the field days would be an enriching experience for the students.  Liz called it a "win-win situation!"  Mrs. Dillon remembered that the Siskey YMCA even paid for the staff's pizza that day.

Liz stated, "This partnership has allowed the Siskey Y to support and offer a new opportunity to challenge students in addition to alleviating some pressure of planning a field day and provide a fun day for the teachers!  In return the school has opened up their facility access so that we could grow our booming basketball program!  I believe its been a win-win for both Antioch and the Siskey Y!  Siskey wants to meet the needs of our community and we have found a great partner with Antioch!"  

Liz was happy that the students brought excitement and fully participated in the activities.  She was also impressed with all the parent volunteers and she was glad to offer a more relaxing day for our teachers.  Her favorite part was seeing the interaction between the students and the teachers.  Seeing teachers jump in and participate in the games brought her joy.  The teachers jumped on the moonbounce, played volleyball, raced each other during the sack races, and they played the ever famous Gaga ball with the students.  She said that the Y is "always looking for new ways to partner with school to meet needs."


Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist
Posted: May 03, 2011 by Kathy Gwinn

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