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International Week 2011

International Week 2011, Chinese classes stepped up their game, participating with more enthusiasm than previous years. Not only did each level have a student-made song and dance, but the students became more involved, increasing competition among the foreign language classes. The level one Chinese class made a papier-mâché dragon head, proving a great start to their high school careers as Chinese language students. Students worked together to synchronize outfits and dance steps for stage performances. Each class performed their routine with high spirits, motivated by Mrs. Zhou’s dedication to the teaching of Chinese culture and language. Some students even put on their brave face through the performance with injuries, like a butchered toe. But no worries, all is well in the amputation-less present.
In addition to foreign language week performances, Weddington High School hosted a language competition between the UCPS Chinese programs. During this county-wide event, Weddington students dominated in all divisions of the competition, taking first place in the cultural knowledge competition, the poetry competition, and the dramatic speech competition. In the cultural knowledge division, Weddington students competed against Marvin Ridge High School and Cuthbertson High School, more than doubling both Marvin Ridge’s and Cuthbertson’s scores.
During the last part of the week, students of the level three Chinese class decorated the hallway with a large dragon that stretched along the wall and lanterns that hung from the ceiling. Once this task was completed, it was time for the soccer tournament. Unfortunately, the athletic skill was lacking and the class did not go very far. Although we lost, we did not let it dampen our spirits, and left the field with dignity followed by our dragon-headed mascot. Also, the cafeteria staff prepared a variety of Chinese dishes for the students of Weddington High School to promote Chinese culture. Even the lunch staff celebrated the culture on Thursday by wearing festive hats. Overall, the foreign language week was a success to the school as a whole due to the exposure of Chinese culture and its practices. Fei zhong hao, Weddington students and faculty! Zai jian!

Written by: Leah Ko, Senior
Posted: May 05, 2011 by Cheryl Edwards

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