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Schultz Named UCPS Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Schultz's second period Biology class uses a group game activity to review for a biotechnology test. From left to right are Sam Johnson, Qhorban Howard, (holding the board) Mallory Goan, Mallory Williamson, Mrs. Schultz, and Philip Samson.

CHS is incredibly excited, proud, and honored to announce that our own Mrs. Maya Schultz has been named UCPS Teacher of the Year. The announcement was made April 26, 2011 at the Teacher of the Year Banquet. “I feel incredibly honored because I know the talent within my building and I know the talent in this district. To be selected in such a high caliber system is overwhelming!” said Mrs. Schultz.

Mrs. Schultz teaches Biology and Forensic Science. “Biology has always been an interest,” she said. “My parents used to take us on walks at my grandfather’s in England. I would poke around in the rock pools of the North Sea to see what I could find. When I went to college I wanted to be a biologist but I found I liked working with people more, in particularly, high school students.” This realization led her to shift career paths into teaching.

“I love the creativity I can bring to the lesson design and the collaborative aspect with my peers. I love inspiring kids and seeing them get interested. I love watching them realize how what they learn is relevant in their life and career goals. I love seeing a student who may not have experienced success in the past meet their potential,” Mrs. Schultz said.

Mrs. Schultz earned her teaching credentials at Eastern Michigan University and spent two years teaching in Michigan before moving to North Carolina which she learned about after visiting friends in the Triangle area. She taught six years in Chapel Hill before moving to Union County.

In reflecting of how she came to teach Forensics, Mrs. Schultz said, “Forensic Science is a branch of all sciences pulled together. If you like science, then a course in Forensic Science can lead to careers in many directions. I read crime novels and have always been interested in the real-world application of understanding science. It was fortuitous that when we started CHS a Forensics teacher was needed.”

Students were not surprised that Mrs. Schultz won. “She was the best teacher ever! She really made us involved and interested. I can’t wait to have her again!” said sophomore Alexa White. “She is really organized and always there to help you,” said freshman Keagan Piatek. “She’s interactive,” said sophomore Sarah Tkachuk. “And hands-on,” agreed freshman Jacqueline Mahaboob, “She gives individual attention.”

Senior Brendon Reid said, “She’s very thorough. She’s always learning from her students and adapting her teaching techniques.” Senior Jane Sosinski said “She made learning fun – her labs helped me understand the class.” Sophomore Conner Fanning shared, “She is the most caring teacher I have ever had.” Sophomore Natalie Wilkinson agreed, “She is always there to help you out.”

Mrs. Schultz’ peers were also not surprised with the announcement. “She should be Teacher of the Universe!” exclaimed Biology teacher Mr. Charlie Martz. “She leads our department and is the most organized person I know. When I am thinking days ahead – she is thinking weeks ahead!” Biology teacher Dr. Vince Palmer smiled, “She is the kind of teacher I want to be when I grow up!”

“Being selected as Teacher of the Year is very humbling. Now I feel I need to work even harder!” said Mrs. Schultz. With her third child on the way later this year, Mrs. Schultz smiled, "I'll probably relax for a bit and then I'll find my way back into a program or workshop where I can keep on learning how to be a better teacher." Congratulations, Mrs. Schultz! We are so proud of you!

Written by: Ms. Paula White
Posted: May 05, 2011 by Ms. Paula White

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