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Students Become the Teachers for the International Fair

Jase, kindergartener, teaches second graders about Turkish food and the alphabet during the International Fair

Hemby Bridge’s first annual International Fair was a huge success! Each grade level focused on one country (Kindergarten – Turkey, 1st – Ireland, 2nd – Russia, 3rd – China, 4th – South Africa, 5th – Canada & Mexico) and then students were able to teach each other. Parents and community were also invited to explore the various countries and see what students had learned.

The kindergarten classes learned about Turkey and shared their knowledge with 2nd grade. While visiting Miss Mullins’s class, students learned about Turkish exports and made their own Turkish rugs. In Mrs. Tirpak's class the students learned about the Turkish alphabet, flag, and were able to taste a Turkish food. While in Mrs. Battoglia's class, students learned Turkish hobbies and learned a Turkish dance called the "whirling dervishes."

First grade studied Ireland. Two guest speakers, parents of Hemby Bridge students, came to speak about the country. Mrs. McLaughlin's class focused on the differences in the foods people eat in Ireland. Ms. Purvis's class concentrated on the ways that the people of Ireland celebrate holidays. Fun facts were the subject of Ms. Sebero's class and Mrs. Romanow's class looked at the geography of the country. Students had a great time taking a trip to Ireland through some travel videos and a student even traveled to Ireland over spring break!

Second grade students learned about Russia and the similarities and differences among us. They worked in small groups learning about games, food, language, and the typical day of Russians. The students had fun sharing what they learned with first grade and parents!

Third grade studied China for International Fair Day. The students researched food, interesting places, physical features and festivals/celebrations. They worked together to create projects to present their research to other classes. Their projects included dioramas, tri-fold poster boards, food made of clay and places of interest made of clay. Some of our students made a short video to show other classes as well. This project helped the students to learn about globalization and also inspired creativity.

Fifth grade researched, wrote and produced a movie "Newscast" that focused on comparing and contrasting the U.S. with Mexico and Canada. Students filled many roles from set designers, music producers, script writers, directors, actors and news reporters and anchors.

This fair was an adventure not only for the students, but teachers as well. We are excited to become even more globally aware in years to come!

Written by: Members of the Globalization Committee
Posted: May 06, 2011 by April Phillips

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