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Mr. Jackson Wins State Principal of the Year!

CHS Cavaliers, both staff and student body, were thrilled to receive the news that their very own Principal, Mr. Rob Jackson, was named North Carolina State Principal of the Year on May 4, 2011. The news spread quickly through Facebook, Twitter, emails, and phone calls shortly after the announcement was made at the awards dinner held in Cary, NC. "When I saw on Facebook that Mr. J had won, I just thought to myself, 'no one deserves this more!' Cuthbertson would be nothing without him," said junior Elena Wandzilak.

When school started on Thursday morning, May 5, plans quickly spread to hold a surprise pep rally to receive Mr. Jackson when he returned to school after that morning's county principals' meeting. Assistant Principal Kim Warr said, "The surprise pep rally for Mr. Jackson was a great way for the students to show their support for Mr. Jackson, but it also gave him an opportunity to thank them for working so hard in and out of the classroom to make Cuthbertson High School such an amazing school." Students rushed to make banners and signs with messages of congratulations and support. Several students prepared speeches to read at the event. Freshman Stephanie Spencer said, "When I found out Mr. Jackson won, I was so happy for him. He is a great principal but an even greater person." Senior Taylor Routledge commented, "Our student body couldn't ask for a better principal. This award proves how great of a principal he is. He has this glow that lights up the whole room when he walks in!"

Mr. Jackson

At approximately 2:30 pm teachers quietly filed their classes into the gym to prepare for the surprise and waited excitedly for Mr. Jackson to enter. Upon his arrival the entire gym full of students and staff members erupted with cheers, applause, and chants of “Mr. Jackson!” Ms. Warr said, "The overwhelming cheers and rounds of applause set the tone for the pep rally. The surprise on Mr. Jackson's face as he walked in the gym showed just how touched he was." Senior Sarah Wilson opened the event by saying, "We are so proud of you! We are honored to call ourselves Cavaliers and to have you as our very own principal! We love you!" Freshman Jade Carlson, along with seniors Angelica Beverly and Austin Hill also spoke at the event. Senior and Student Council President Trent Johnson led the crowd in cheering the traditional C-A-V-S chant to honor Mr. Jackson.

In telling the group about his acceptance speech the night before, Mr. Jackson said, "What I spoke about was you. Every one of you. All of our students, all of our teachers. Cuthbertson High School. You see, what's true guys, is that in the history of Union County Public Schools, no principal has ever won this award before at the state level. But what's also true, is that no principal in Union County Public Schools has been so blessed to work with this student body and with these teachers." Assistant Principal Mr. Randy Boob said, "Mr. Jackson has the unique skill and ability to enjoy having a great time at work and still get the work done. It is contagious and makes it very easy to work as colleagues."

"He's the best principal I ever had!" said sophomore Brandon Mottola. "Mr. Jackson goes out of his way to make sure that every senior is on track to graduate. No other principal does that and that's what makes him great,"said senior Brittanie Wudkwych. "Mr. Jackson is not just a principal; he's a dad, friend, and mentor to all of us. It's a privilege to have him at school every day wishing us the best of luck to be successful," said Amanda Lopez, junior. Sophomore Sloane Young said, "I love Mr. Jackson. He is such a good principal and he shows you he cares by knowing your name and asking about your day." Sarah Longhurst, sophomore, said, "Mr. Jackson is more than a principal. He is a friend."

Mr. Jackson gets a hugAfter the pep rally, students flooded the gym floor to give Mr. Jackson hugs, handshakes, and expressions of congratulations. Junior Morgan Pond summed it up, "Mr. Jackson has stood as a role model and leader for us all, leading our school to excellence in every area with a smiling face and a warm hello. He has motivated all of us to strive to be the best we can be and more. This award could not go to a more deserving man. Way to go, Mr. J!" 

Written by: Ms. Paula White. Special thanks to Mr. Don Mace for his assistance with video editing.
Posted: May 09, 2011 by Paula White

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