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Parkwood Middle Uniform Policy

Parkwood Middle Uniform Policy

Parkwood Middle has a standard dress policy for all students. This policy was approved by the site based committee to ensure the students have the opportunity to go to school in an environment conducive to education without disruption because of student dress or appearance.

Students and parents need to be familiar with the policy as students are required to adhere to the policy while on school grounds.

Field trips will be addressed on an individual basis depending on the nature of the trip.

Manufacturer’s logos may be visible on approved dress code tops, outer wear, and/or bottom garments as long as they are no larger than the size of a quarter (coin) for tops and no larger than a business card on bottoms.

Shirts must be polo (golf shirt with collar)/sweat shirts in solid approved colors or Parkwood spirit wear (Parkwood spirit wear may be long or short sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies; spirit wear can be PWMS or PWHS)
1. Shirts colors are solid Parkwood blue (Royal blue), grey, white or black-cotton or cotton blend (no sheer fabric).
2. Only collared golf shirts (with no more than 4 buttons) or sweat shirts are allowed (t-shirts must be Parkwood spirit wear).
3. Pull-over sweatshirts may be hoodies or crewneck; cannot have a full length zipper; cannot be cropped and must be to the waist in length; must not have any words or graphics unless it is PW spirit wear.
4. Shirts must be long enough to be tucked in at all times.
5. Blouses of any kind are not allowed.
6. Shirts must have sleeves.
7. Shirts must not reveal any areas of the waist or upper body (cleavage).
8. Undershirts, if worn, must be one of the approved solid colors without graphics, text, or logos of any sort.

1. Bottoms must be solid beige khaki or black in color (no denim).
2. Bottoms must not contain any words or graphics.
3. Students must wear a belt if their pants have belt loops (belt loops cannot be removed).
4. NO SAGGING of pants is permitted.
5. Bottoms must be a cotton twill or cotton blend- cannot be velvet or velour-sweatpants/knit pants or leggings of any type are not allowed.
6. Bottoms must fit appropriately at the waist and may not be tight or of the “skinny” and or “legging”-style.
7. Skirts (girls), skorts (girls), capris (girls) and shorts to the knee are acceptable.

Click to view the full version of the School Uniform Policy.


Written by: Parkwood Middle School
Posted: May 11, 2011 by Airen Hartis

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