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NC JETS: North Carolina Junior Engineering and Technology Society

NC Jets Team

NC JETS is a series of competitions held at UNCC. There are five competitions every year: trebuchet, balsa wood bridge, TEAMS test, poster, and robot. Each one challenges its participants in unique and diverse ways. For a school to succeed in these competitions, it must be able to adapt to different problems in different scenarios. Each team that places receives a certain number of points: first acquires twenty points; second acquires seventeen points; third acquires fourteen points; and fourth acquires eleven points. The remaining participants receive two points. Sun Valley has been the best overall performing school at the competitions for the last two years, and, for the third consecutive year, it has won the top overall first place trophy. The award for the top overall prize is evidence of the hard work, tenacity, ingenuity, and creativity that Mr. Blick and his students have demonstrated. The students of Sun Valley should be proud of of this achievement.

Written by: Doug Valiente
Posted: May 18, 2011 by Carrie Mabry

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