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Gamelan Performance at the Kensington Castle!

WCU Gamelan Ensemble presents music of Indonesia

Western Carolina University's School of Music's Low Tech Ensemble visited families at Kensington Elementary on Wednesday, May 11th. They players perform gamelan music, which is a traditional genre of music from Indonesia and is played on an assortment on metal instruments and gongs. Students at Kensington have been studying music all year in music class.

A group of students opened the concert by playing Tabuh Empat on classroom instruments and tin cans. Members of the Low Tech Ensemble then played the piece on their instruments. the performance featured many opportunities for audience members to participate. Children played assorted percussion instruments to imitate the rainforest atmosphere in Bali. Then children and adults learned how to play "Going to Town," a piece on bamboo rattles called angklung.

The highlight for many audience members was coming onstage and trying out the gamelan instruments in the ensemble, from the embellishing reyong to the powerful gong.

This project was supported by the Union County Community Arts Council Arts in the Schools Grants.

Written by: Jessica Luedeman, music specialist
Posted: May 19, 2011 by Dr. Rachel Clarke

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