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Math talk in action

Students in Mrs. Contrera's class talk about math problems.

How did you do that? How did you get that? How did you know that? Those are just a few of the things you may hear when you walk into Mrs. Contrera’s Kindergarten class during math. Students spend their time in math talking not just about correct answers but about how they solve problems. This allows students to express their ideas and share those ideas and strategies with friends.

Students work in pairs, small groups, and some whole group settings. The focus of this time is for students to explain their thinking and show how they got their answers. This has given the students confidence in their math skills while extending their learning and comprehension of math. It has also taught them to respect their classmates and improve listening skills.

Because Math Talk is encouraged, it has ignited a passion for math. Students talk about math throughout the day. One day a student was eating snack when they realized they could sort their snack into different groups and then have a partner guess how they sorted. Another student used his fruit snacks to find partners of numbers.

Students are always encouraged to talk during math! So come by and take a listen at the amazing conversations that are happening each and every day! 


Written by: Kelley Contrera, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: May 20, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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