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An Afternoon with Kaarin Leach

The 5th grade AIG Reading students spent a recent afternoon bird watching with Kaarin Leach, a Wesley Chapel resident who is an avid and well-traveled ornithologist. She came to speak to the students about birds native to our area in relation to our recent novel, The Secret Garden. In this novel, a robin helps bring about change in the lives of the main characters. Mrs. Leach taught the students "Birds aRe Way Cool Man" as a mnemonic device to help the students remember the five most common birds found in the Charlotte area. The most common birds are Bluebirds, Robins, Wrens (Carolina), Cardinals, and Mockingbirds. The students saw a powerpoint about the birds' habits, calls and appearances before heading outside to witness them firsthand. They saw all five of the types of birds plus a turkey vulture, mourning doves and a loggerhead shrike just to name a few! It was a very fun afternoon!

Written by: Lori Targonski
Posted: May 22, 2011 by Marni Menkin

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