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Second Grade Goes Global!

Mr. Barrett's class goes international.

In an effort to teach and explain globalization in Mr. Barrett's second grade class, Mr. Barrett undertook a search for international students that his students could write to. His class is using a website called ePals.com in that search. They have made contact with other teachers in over 15 countries. The international students tell his students a bit about what it's like to teach in their country and Mr. Barrett's class shares the same information with them. Mr. Barrett has a desire to connect his students with other students in order to see that even though they are thousands of miles apart and speak different languages, they are pretty similar after all.

EPals.com can be compared to pen pals in the olden days. They write to their new friends in New Zealand, England, Kazakhstan and Turkey every week. With e-mail there is a faster turn around in response time and his students get weekly replies. All of the communication goes through Mr. Barrett's inbox, so there is a degree of safety that assures him they are actually communicating with other students. It's truly amazing! Students look forward to sharing all kinds of things about their class and families. The photo exchanges however are the best, Mr. Barrett says! He plans on continuing to do this next year with his students as well. Mr. Barrett has asked other older students here at Antioch to write to some of his class' ePal friends in Turkey, so possibly in the future we can have even more participation here at Antioch.

Written by: Adam Barrett, Second Grade Teacher // Kathy Gwinn, media specialist
Posted: May 26, 2011 by Kathy Gwinn

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