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Waxhaw Elementary Receives Partial PE Grant

Fourth grade students display the equipment from the gym grant (Taylor Bigham, Josh Rutty, Peyton Thomas, and Madyson Humphreys)

The Waxhaw Elementary Physical Education department received part of a district-wide grant for $5,000 this school year.

The purpose of the grant is to provide additional education and training for Physical Education Teachers and also to improve the equipment in our P.E. programs. The equipment ordered has many applications and will be used by all of our grade levels.

William O’Connor further explained, “I want to give our students the best education possible in P.E. Providing the tools for them to learn is only the first part of my job.”

The new equipment will be utilized in P.E class, outside on the fields, and also in our new fitness room. “This equipment will go long way towards developing the best program possible for our Waxhaw students,” said William O’Connor.

Better equipment will help to create new learning opportunities and it will also expand the scope of our curriculum. Providing the largest variety of lessons will help to ensure that all of our students have a chance to excel in Physical Education.

By providing new activities, there will be an increased chance of sparking life-long interest in sports and physical activity in our children.

Part of maintaining a healthy life-style is finding those things that interest us as we are more likely to exercise when we enjoy what we are doing.  One students’ response when seeing all the new equipment was, “Awesome! We get to play with that?”

Written by: William O'Connor
Posted: Jun 01, 2011 by Kimberly Thomas

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