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Prakash makes the finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee

Prakash poses with his parents after winning the Union County spelling bee.

Prakash Mishra, an 8th grade student, represented Marvin Ridge Middle School at the Scripps National Spelling bee in Washington DC this week. This grueling competition runs over three days. On Tuesday, May 31, spellers take a preliminary written test. On Wednesday spellers participate in a preliminary spelling competition. The scores from these rounds are tallied and the top 41 spellers move on to the semifinals. The semifinal round on Thursday, June 2, narrows the field to thirteen.

On Thursday, June 2, the media center TV was tuned to ESPN so classmates could watch Prakash compete. Every once in a while an audible cheer was heard, signaling that Prakash had just correctly spelled another word. This year, the competition was fierce and the semifinal round ran longer than usual but by the end of the school day we knew that Prakash had moved on to the finals.
Prakash ended his run Thursday night in the final round as the number ten speller in the country. In the ninth round of the finals he was eliminated when he added an extra “s” to the word susurrus. “Prakash was disappointed that he had missed an easy word but was happy that he had made it to the finals” said Steffen Haugsted who communicated with Prakash Thursday night. In previous rounds he had correctly spelled words like phreatophyte and seneschal. Prakash had recently stepped up his practice to approximately two hours a day studying etymology, practicing from the dictionary and going over word lists. â€œHe looked confident and well-prepared”, said Mrs. Anderson, Prakash’s 7th grade Language Arts teacher, who watched the entire bee Thursday night.

Written by: Brita Mann
Posted: Jun 03, 2011 by Brita Mann

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