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MHS Class of 2011 enjoy school's first Decision Day honoring seniors

A Monroe High School senior high-fives a line of cheering students as he and the approximately 140 other graduating seniors arrive at an assembly held in their honor.

Monroe High School's graduating Class of 2011 had the opportunity to share the decisions about their future in the school's premiere event called Decision Day or D-Day 2011.

The event was hosted by the school and Carolina Advising Corps, a subsidiary of UNC-Chapel Hill). It was created by the MHS counselors.

"We hoped that it would give them the passion to leave Monroe High School and carry on their own legacies," said event organizer Amy Yermack, a MHS teacher and administrator.

The first activity on the day's agenda was a senior cookout, during which the approximately 140 graduating seniors enjoyed a DJ while they signed yearbooks. Afterward, they watched videos of MHS memories in the auditorium.

After the video, seniors came into an assembly in the gymnasium, walking in to the cheers from MHS juniors. Before the guest speakers addressed the crowd, students were entertained by Trinity, a singing group made up of MHS students.

The D-Day 2011 speakers included Superintendent Dr. Ed Davis and former Monroe High School graduates. Dwight Miller, a former graduate and now a teaching fellow, told seniors they needed three things to succeed after graduation; opportunities, decision making abilities and passion.

"Everywhere you go, there will be opportunities; opportunities to meet new friends, to see new places, to visit other time zones and other nations," he said.

Miller added that being able to make the right decisions was very important in life, and to be sure when making these decisions; they remembered to keep the big picture in mind.

He then encouraged them to always have passion in their lives. "Whatever you do, find something you're passionate about and give it your all," he said.

Seniors were asked to write their decisions for the future on a slip of paper that they then gave to the counselors. "They've all been given a green slip of paper on which they will write down their final decision from where they will go from Monroe High School, whether it be into the Armed Forces, the workforce or a specific college," Yermack said.

After turning in their written plans, seniors participated in a symbolic bubble ceremony, where blowing bubbles signified their dreams going up into the world.

Yermack said the event is slated to become an annual event to honor seniors and their accomplishments.

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Jun 03, 2011 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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