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We are partners in learning!

Students in Mrs. Mangum's and Mrs. Pipes' class particpate in shared reading.

Throughout the school year, Mrs. Mangum’s kindergarten class and Mrs. Pipes’ second grade class have collaborated in their learning. They have formed a partnership to enhance each child’s learning in reading, social studies, and science.

Each Friday, the two classes join together to share their partner-reading time. When this partnership began, Mrs. Pipes’ students acted as mentors for Mrs. Mangum’s students. Her students read texts to Mrs. Mangum’s students as they listened. The students then discussed the texts, which helped to determine the kindergarten students’ comprehension of what was read to them. Later on in the year as Mrs. Mangum’s students began to read, they were able to read their texts to Mrs. Pipes’ students. Each partnership was encouraged to learn from one another.

In December, Mrs. Mangum’s students participated in Santa’s Workshop, a social studies unit relating to consumers, producers, goods and services. The students portrayed Santa’s elves as they worked diligently to produce items that they could “purchase” at the end of the unit. Mrs. Pipes’ class also participated in a similar social studies unit called “Mini Society”, in which the students also made and provided items for purchase. As a culminating activity, Mrs. Mangum’s class was invited to purchase items at Mrs. Pipes’ “Mini Society”. This helped to reinforce the concept of goods and services. A math component was also taught as the students purchased the items with their own “money”.

For the past few weeks, Mrs. Mangum’s class has observed the stages relating to a butterfly’s life in Mrs. Pipes’ class. On Friday, May 27th, Mrs. Mangum’s class was invited to share in the release of the butterflies. This was a fascinating and awesome experience for the kindergarteners!

It has been a very pleasurable experience being “partners in learning” with Mrs. Pipes’ second grade class! We have all learned so much! 



Written by: Cindy Mangum, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Jun 07, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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