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Weddington High School Key Club Helps With Field Day

A student from Weddington High School plays soccer with some of our first graders.

Field day -- just the sound of those words make one smile. And students at East Elementary School had lots to smile about when some "big kids" came to their school to help with their field day on May 24, 2011.

"The students had a blast playing soccer, bowling with balls bigger than themselves, running the track, scoop relays, beach volleyball, parachute games, hula hooping, running an obstacle course, and doing lots of dancing. Yes, dancing! What a day," said Evie Larrimore, East Elementary physical education teacher.

"And to make the day even more fun, in walked 28 very helpful high school students, ready to help our little ones with love, enthusiasm and leadership."

The Weddington High School Key Club came to the East Elementary field day to lead the games. Each student paired up with a little "friend" and picked a station to lead.

"Our K-2 students were thrilled to have 'high fives,' cheers and words of encouragement given to them by this group of outstanding teenagers," Larrimore said.

The key club is led by Weddington High School teacher Jack Kasell, who has brought his group to help at East Elementary on more than one occasion this year.

"The day was nearly perfect, thanks to the Weddington High Key Club," Larrimore added. "Through their selfless service, they made a huge difference in our community here at East Elementary School. And everyone had great, great fun."



Written by: Evie Jo Larrimore, P.E. Teacher
Posted: Jun 08, 2011 by Lisa Bush

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