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East Union Middle School teacher honored for excellence

Lisa Anthony teaches Algebra 1 and Pre-Algebra. (photo by ED COTTINGHAM/Enquirer-Journal

(The following article is provided courtesy of the Enquirer Journal.)
Lisa Barrett Anthony teaches eighth grade Algebra I and Pre-Algebra to students at East Union Middle School. She is The Enquirer-Journal’s teacher of the week.

How long have you been a teacher? 11 years

Where did you attend school? Marshville Elementary, East Union Middle, Forest Hills High, Wingate University

Who was your favorite teacher? How did he/she inspire you? Margaret Hood. Mrs. Hood was my seventh grade Language Arts teacher. She would always pull me to the side and tell me how bright and intelligent I was in the classroom. Also she would tell me how to behave like a lady.

Mrs. Hood would not allow me to be around certain students in the class because she felt that they were a negative influence on me. I did not appreciate her watching over me at the time; however, after looking back, I see that she saw something in me that I could not see at the time.

What’s the most important message you try to impart with your students? What I try to emphasize to my students is that everyone has their own individual talents and that their success may vary vastly from the person sitting next to them. I encourage all of my students to do their best and give 100 percent in whatever he/she is trying to achieve, whether it is in the classroom or out on the football field.

As a teacher, my message to my students is for them to understand personal achievement and happiness. Be who you are and don’t follow the dreams of others unless they are like your own. All students want to be successful and I try to teach them to find their individual success within themselves. By building up the moral in students and letting them know that I care about them automatically increases their confidence in me and they listen and are able to learn and achieve.

How do your students inspire you? I have held many jobs in my lifetime, which vary from being a waitress and cashier to operating a machine and being a computer operator. I can honestly say that teaching is the first job that I have had that I didn’t moan and groan about having to get up and go to work.

Every day is full of new challenges and teaching is never boring. My current students and the ones in the past have let me know that I have given them new hope on math. Every year I have students tell me that they have never liked or understood math until they were placed in my class. This lets me know that I have changed someone’s perception of the subject. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just one student or 100; I know that I have made a difference in someone’s life. This inspires me to keep learning and to continue teaching.

What do you want parents to know about their child’s education? Parents should know that their child’s education will be his/her key to success in the world. Therefore parent should visit the schools and become involved in their child’s educational progress. As for the students in my classroom, they know that every day that I am present, learning will take place. I always try to teach students from bell to bell with little to no down time.

What do you feel is your “strong suit” as a teacher? My strong suit definitely is my ability to get students to learn the material I teach. With some students it is definitely a challenge but I usually find a way to reach all of my students. I do not allow them to not understand. My students know that if they don’t grasp a concept that I will re-explain it to them using different methods if necessary until they reach achievement.

What is your greatest challenge as an educator? My greatest challenge has to be implementing all the new 21st century technology into the math curriculum that I am teaching. As a teacher, you can become accustomed to the same routines and procedures. The new century teaching style is and will be totally different from the old style of the past. Therefore, adjusting and learning the new techniques are and will be one of my greatest challenges.

Written by: Enquirer Journal Staff
Posted: Jun 15, 2011 by Don Mace

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