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Going Green at WDES

Future plans for our outdoor learning environment

Weddington Elementary has gone green! Throughout the school year WDES has focused on several green initiatives to help our world be a better place. The students have taken on many projects to help these initiatives become reality.

Recycling Program
This program involves all the classrooms, as well as common areas such as the media center and the main office. We started this program three years ago with the support of GB USA, Inc. In order for us to afford the recycling bins, we launched an Adopt-A-Bin program in which families "adopted" a bin and dedicated it to their classroom teacher or other staff member. In all, we received seventy adoptions.

Terracycle Recycling
We have been recycling with Terracycle for two years now, earning money at the same time towards our green initiatives. We recycle Frito Lay bags, Elmer's Glue sticks and Capri Sun juice pouches, earning two cents for each item.

In order for us to bring color to the campus we asked families, individuals and groups, such as the scouts, to adopt garden spots at our school. Adoptees' responsibilities are to keep the areas weed free, add seasonal color with flowers, as well as to water the plants regularly. We had seventeen spots available for adoption and all were adopted within one day.

Adopt-A-Plant for Better Classroom Air
We encouraged students and their families to adopt a tropical plant for their classroom to improve the air in their place of study. More than one half of our teachers received a plant!
OLE: WDES Outdoor Learning Environment
We are taking our learning outdoors! The steps toward creating our outdoor classroom have been finalized and ground-breaking has occurred! Next fall the children will plant their first crop of vegetables.


Written by: Colleen Salter
Posted: Jun 16, 2011 by Colleen Salter

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