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Principal Rob Jackson Tours China

Principal Rob Jackson climbs The Great Wall during his recent trip to China.

Principal Rob Jackson recently visited Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai in China as part of winning the NC State Principal of the Year Award. The purpose of the trip, sponsored by the Education First Company, was to learn about Chinese history, culture, and to visit Chinese schools. Mr. Jackson participated in an online class prior to leaving for his 10-day trip. Jackson traveled with teachers and administrators from across the United States. Two other administrators from NC attended, including Mr. David Wang, Assistant Head of School at The Epiphany School in New Bern, NC; and Dr. Mary Faith Mount-Cors, who works with the Visiting International Faculty Program in Raleigh, NC.

Mr. Jackson shared that the most memorable event was climbing 2,700+ steps to the top of the Great Wall of China. From the top, he could see the Great Wall stretching out, crossing mountaintop to mountaintop as far as he could see in either direction. According to BBC reports, The Great Wall of China stretches for 3,889 miles across Northern China. “Standing upon one of the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World left me speechless as I considered the seeming impossibility of what had been accomplished in bringing huge bricks and blocks to the tops of the mountains to build this mammoth wall.”

Returning to the US, Mr. Jackson has had the opportunity to reflect on his journey. He said that the images he keeps returning to are of the schools and classrooms he visited. “In the classrooms we visited, we observed students who were working very hard and were extremely focused on their studies. I realize that these same students will be competing with our students for the best jobs and spots in the best universities. Our Cavaliers must be prepared to compete with them and it starts with their own personal dedication to their coursework.”

This trip has already made a mark on Mr. Jackson and he is very grateful to the state for awarding it to him. “As we approach our new school year, I will be looking for opportunities to share with students, teachers, and the community what I learned while visiting China. As a result, my commitment to our school’s focus on Globalization is even more resolute. We were excited when the county recently named our school a UCPS International School for the second consecutive year and reported that for the last two years, CHS has had the highest point total in the county. I am proud of our successes in the area of Global Education, but I understand that just as the Chinese (and others around the world) are continuing to work hard to improve, so must we.”

Please visit Mr. Jackson’s State Principal of the Year blog to read the daily entries from his trip and learn about all that he had the opportunity to observe.


Written by: Paula White
Posted: Jun 29, 2011 by Paula White

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