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UCPS ranked #1 in AYP among 15 largest NC school districts

In spite of the state raising the bar on AYP requirements, Union County Public Schools still ranks far above the state’s largest 15 school districts in North Carolina.

According to preliminary results released today (July 21, 2011) by the state, the percentage of Union County Public Schools students to make Adequate Yearly Progress under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) federal law far exceeded other North Carolina school districts of comparable size or larger.

This year, North Carolina’s target goals increased substantially to move the state closer to the required 100 percent proficiency target for 2013-14. As a result, for a North Carolina public school to make AYP in 2010-2011, 71.6 percent of students in each subgroup in grades 3-8 must be proficient in reading (up from 43.2 percent last year) and 88.6 percent must be proficient in mathematics (up from 77.2 percent). For 10th graders, 69.3 percent of each subgroup must be proficient in reading (up from 38.5 percent) and 84.2 percent must be proficient in mathematics (up from 68.4 percent).

“I am proud of the schools that made AYP, and I’m also proud of the schools that worked hard but fell short,” said UCPS Superintendent Dr. Ed Davis. “All of the schools worked hard. AYP is a worthy goal, but it was tough the way the percentages increased so dramatically this year. I knew it would be a real challenge to meet.”

Thirty-two out of 52 UCPS schools met AYP this year, 61.5 percent achieving 100 percent of the target goals set by NCLB. Seven UCPS schools only missed meeting their AYP by one goal, while an additional seven schools met at least 80 percent of their goals. (To view all UCPS 2010-2011 AYP details)

Carolyn White, director of Testing and Student Services, said the district as a whole met 64 out of 73 goals (87.7 percent).

In order for a school to make AYP, each student subgroup (School as a Whole; American Indian; Asian; Black; Hispanic; Multi-Racial; White; Economically Disadvantaged; Limited English Proficient, and Students with Disabilities) must have at least a 95 percent participation rate in the statewide assessments, as well as meeting the target goal.

Union County surpassed the 15 largest school districts in AYP results. The closest system in results to UCPS had 29.3 percent of its schools that met AYP. (To view other systems' statewide AYP details)

“I have mixed feelings,” Davis said. “I’m proud of the success of the schools, while I accept that there is still room for improvement. I can’t say enough good about the hard work of the teachers, students, administrators and parents.”

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Jul 21, 2011 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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