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Globalization at Home

Globalization at home! 

To compliment our studies of Asia this year in second grade, Mrs. Clemens' class will be taking home fabric activity bags with Asian books and activities.

Reading literature inspired by other cultures gives children an opportunity to develop empathy, understanding, and an appreciation of the world and its many people. Children can make connections between the stories and celebrations of other cultures to that of their own. Building these connections helps bridge the distance between us all. Asian cultures and literature is full of exciting legends, yummy food, and amazing talking animals to inspire your child to keep reading!

From one week to another, the kids will get to try exciting things like folding origami, trying their hand at chopsticks, creating water color paintings, making a drum, visiting websites to learn about Asian countries, creating a clay sculpture of a dragon, decorating a kimono, and even sampling some fortune cookies all while learning about Asian cultures. These at home reading bag activities are a great way for parents in Mrs. Clemens' class to get involved in their child’s at-home reading and help them continue to develop their love of books!


Written by: Jeff Aten
Posted: Aug 02, 2011 by Jeff Aten

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