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Marshville Teachers at Camp Inspire

Ms. Burkhalter and Ms. Zandrowicz both win iPods at Camp Inspire!

 On Monday August 8th Marshville teachers headed to Camp Inspire. This workshop allowed them to learn some techniques and strategies on how to best utilize the interactive whiteboards they will be receiving in their classes this year. The camp covered a wide range of subjects which included ones for beginners, intermediate and advanced whiteboard users. The whiteboards will allow our teachers to engage the students at a whole new level and help to promote their learning across all subject areas. At the door prize raffle we had 6 teachers from Marshville to win prizes with Ms. Burkhalter and Ms. Zandowicz both winning the coveted iPod nanos.

The registration for this event which included teachers from all across the county totaled at 290 participants. “I was just blown away at the response, given that it’s the height of summer,” Dr. Kafitz, director of Technology Services, said. “It shows the caliber of educators we have – that they would take time out of their summer vacation to come in and learn how to better utilize the technology that they have in the classroom now or that they will have in their classroom one day.”

Written by: Kerri Edwards
Posted: Aug 16, 2011 by Kerri Edwards

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