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Sardis has a new look!

Mrs. Zapka admires the ceiling tiles in front of the gym.

This summer, the floors in the main hallway were re-tiled. Crews came to Sardis this summer and pulled up the tiles in the main hallway and then leveled out the floor below.  They then layed down new, colorful tile!  The colors (chosen by Mrs. Proctor) are blue, red, and yellow.  Primary colors for a primary school!  The workers placed the tiles in wonderful patterns that Sardis didn't have before, brightening up the hallway and adding new life to the school.

In addition, Mrs. Gooch and her summer camp group leaders and students painted ceiling tiles, currently being displayed in front of the gym.  There are more tiles to be put up soon, and hopefully we will see them all the way down the main hallway!

What a beautiful start to a new year!

Written by: Jodi McConkey, Website Editor/Music Teacher
Posted: Aug 28, 2011 by Jodi McConkey

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