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Cuthbertson Senior Attends Yale Ivy Scholar Program

CHS Senior Joey Skavroneck attend Yale Ivy Scholar Program.

The Yale Ivy Scholars Program offers a summer educational experience that combines college-level non-credit academic study in applied ethics, business, economics, history, international relations, law, politics, and public policy with strategic leadership and effective advocacy skills. A very select group of high school students from across the United States and around the world are selected to learn from members of Yale’s world-class faculty, distinguished fellows, and top government and business practitioners on a wide range of issues facing national and international leaders. Joey Skavroneck, senior at Cuthbertson High School, was selected as an Ivy Scholar to attend the summer 2011 program. Ivy Scholars Programs are developed specifically for academically competitive high school students who wish to pursue undergraduate study on a campus of a top-tier university such as Yale.

According to Joey, "This exceptional program opened my eyes to global issues. I was honored to be taught by world renowned subject matter experts, ambassadors, foreign correspondents, and prolific writers. I went there to develop my leadership skills, but I came back a better thinker. Library facilities at Yale are unmatched by any other high school summer leadership program with one of the largest university library collections in the world.

“Yale has a massive collection of books and art all underground. I even played basketball on courts built underground. Yale is not for everyone but if you have a desire to become a better leader, with a passion for national and international issues, and an interest in attending a top university such as Yale, this is an exceptional program." Because the program is conducted as a college-level academic and leadership development program, students are expected to be mature, focused, responsible, articulate, passionate, and willing to engage in discussions over difficult moral and policy issues.

"The Ivy Scholars Program focuses on developing future senior leaders in government, business, and public service and to that end, seeks student leaders who have strong written and verbal communication skills, can read and analyze large amounts of material, draw well-reasoned conclusions, and consistently adhere to a high standard of personal and professional conduct. This special academic and leadership development program is for extraordinarily capable individuals of strong character who know who they are, possess a strong desire to study strategy and leadership, and have a calling to someday serve at the very highest levels of government, business, public service, and education.

“There are three leadership programs offered each summer. The first program, American Political Philosophy and Democratic Thought, focuses on the great ideas and thinkers in American political philosophy, democracy, constitutional law, and political economy. It is designed for rising junior and senior high school students as well as post-high school, and pre-college students. The second program is Global Leaders Development Program which focuses on executive writing skills, group facilitation and deliberation skills, and study of major global challenges. It is also designed for rising sophomore and junior high school students. The third program is my favorite, Studies in Grand Strategy. It focuses on strategic writing skills, advocacy and persuasion skills, and the study of Grand Strategy. It is designed for rising seniors and top alumni of the Global Leaders Development Program.

“I would highly recommend this program. As students, we experienced academic and residential life at a top Ivy League school, dined in the historical residential halls, and developed great friendships with interesting students from around the world who helped me understand their perspectives. The Yale Ivy Scholars Program was a major contributor to the best summer I have ever had," said Joey. Click here to get more information on the Yale Ivy Scholar Program.

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Aug 29, 2011 by Paula White

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