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Welcome Kinder Parents

A table with essentials like Kleenex and candy treats for teary-eyed parents of kindergartners on their first day.

Greg Windeknecht, parent volunteer at Stallings Elementary School, set up a station in front of the building for parents of Kindergarten students on Thursday (The first day of kindergarten students in their assigned classes). He had Kleenex for the parents of kindergarteners that were arriving for their official first day of school as they left teary-eyed and offered a sweet treat to take their minds off their little ones growing up so fast! Mr. Windeknecht has volunteered at Stallings Elementary School as the official carpool greeter every morning and afternoon.


3rd grader, Reagan O’Bday is greeted by Mr. Greg Windeknecht, parent volunteer during morning carpool.

Written by: Janice Deane
Posted: Sep 03, 2011 by Janice Deane

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