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Student Government Participates in Day of Caring

Pictured are the hundreds of local volunteers who participated in various community service projects throughout Union County during the United Way Day of Caring.

Members of the Student Government at Piedmont participated in the United Way Day of Caring on Saturday, August 28. This one-day event gives local volunteers an opportunity to demonstrate with their hands that they care about the community. Specifically, the students from Piedmont sodded grass on a playing field at Antioch Elementary.

Ten members of the Student Government assisted local volunteers at Antioch Elementary by laying sod so that children at the school could have a grassy playground area. The PTO at Antioch had raised $17,500 to pay for the sod and then volunteers participating in the Day of Caring laid the sod, which took approximately four hours. The principal of Antioch Elementary, Karen Dillon, noted that many children would get minor cuts from the rocky terrain during recess and they had difficulty keeping up with the demand for band-aids. 
When asked about the opportunity to serve the community, Student Council member Matthew Griffin stated, “I was amazed that we were able to sod the field so quickly and am very glad that the kids now have a safer place to play.” Many thanks to our sister school, Antioch Elementary, for allowing Piedmont to make a difference in our local community.

Written by: Donna Helms
Posted: Sep 06, 2011 by Donna Helms

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