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Fairview's Visiting International Teacher - Mrs. Laurie!

Mrs. Laurie speaks to her future class from Scotland!

Mrs. Tarlton and her 4th grade class were able to meet and speak with Jennifer Laurie using Skype. Mrs. Laurie is our Visiting International Faculity (VIF) teacher here at Fairivew. She hails from Scotland, but will be arriving in the US in two weeks, and at that time she will resume the role as teacher. Each student prepared a question to ask Mrs. Laurie so they could get to know her. They all learned some interesting facts; she does not have children, but she does have two cats which she loves dearly. Mrs. Laurie has also been teaching for 3 years. Grace Danison asked Mrs. Laurie if she attended the royal wedding. She did not attend, but she did watch it on television with friends at a wedding party. The students were excited to Skype and meet their teacher and are anxiously awaiting her arrival to the US and Fairview.

Written by: Richard Wikfors
Posted: Sep 15, 2011 by Richard Wikfors

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