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It's all Greek to Us!

Kathy Gwinn, Antioch Elementary media specialist, (seated at right) talks to students about Greece.

 Going global has never been so big as it is this year at Antioch Elementary!  

This year we have added global classes to our schedule.  Mrs. Gwinn, our media specialist, will now see all classes three times every six weeks for global classes.  

Our school has decided to focus on five countries this year:  Greece, India, South Africa, Mexico and Ireland.  In addition to schoolwide projects that will be happening the month we are studying these countries, each class will go to the media center for their global classes.  

Mrs. Gwinn decided to create developmentally appropriate lessons that focus on the countries, while also trying to tie in with the curriculum each grade level studies.  This month (and in October for the school), we are focusing our attention on Greece.

For Greece, Mrs. Gwinn created displays of three ancient Greece city-states:  Athens, Sparta, and Corinth.  As K-3 students learn about these city-states, she tries to make connections to their Social Studies curriculum.  She also tries to share commonalities and differences, along with the Greek influences that have permeated our culture today.  For students in grades 4 and 5, she adds a more historical approach to how archaeology and trade have affected our world.

Mrs. Gwinn will also be sharing this curriculum with other media specialists at the NCSLMA conference in Winston-Salem next month.  It is her hope that others can use her ideas, too, to help create a global sense that is developmentally appropriate for elementary students.  The response from students and staff have been supportive as we all try to implement global strategies into our classrooms.

Written by: Kathy Gwinn, Media Specialist
Posted: Sep 18, 2011 by Kathy Gwinn

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