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Mrs. Williams' class has a Boston Tea Party

5th Graders Dress as Revolutionary War Characters!

After completing their unit on the Revolutionary War period in Social Studies, Mrs. Williams' 5th grade class celebrated with a Boston Tea Party! The students were served shortbread cookies, gingerbread cookies, and tea.  The students dressed in colonial style clothing and outfits on their Boston Tea Party day. 

In studying the Revolutionary War, the students wrote daily diary entries from the viewpoint of either a slave, loyalist, colonist, patriot, or woman from that time period and the daily activities and events that they encountered.  The students also made timelines of the Revolutionary War period and played "Jeopardy."  In addition, the students read biographies of persons from this time period and wrote timelines and book reviews for their subject.

The students enjoyed their hands-on learning of the Revolutionary War period in Social Studies with their Boston Tea Party!


Written by: Anna and Carrie Thompson
Posted: Feb 06, 2010 by Carrie Thompson

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