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School system is visited by State Board of Education chairman

Dr. Bill Harrison, chairman of the State Board of Education, visits Ann Yochem’s International Baccalaureate class at Marvin Ridge High School during his tour of Union County Public Schools.

Union County Public Schools received a big pat on the back yesterday (Sept. 21, 2011) during a visit from the chairman of the State Board of Education.

Dr. Bill Harrison spent the morning touring various UCPS schools, accompanied by UCPS Superintendent Dr. Ed Davis and Board of Education members. Harrison said he tries to visit school systems across North Carolina. "It’s an opportunity for me to see the excellent things that are going on across the state," he said.

Harrison began his trek to Union County by attending a lunch meeting with Job Ready Partnership held at ATI Allvac. Afterward, he started his school tours.

Board of Education members David Scholl, Marce Savage and Sherry Hodges dropped in during various stages of Harrison’s visit, which encompassed East Elementary, Parkwood Middle and Marvin Ridge High School.

During his visit, Harrison said he is no stranger to the accomplishments and reputation of the school system. “I’m familiar with all the wonderful programs that exist in Union County Public Schools. I’m also aware of the high level of student achievement, particularly in the area of graduation rates," he said. "I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Davis. Union County Public Schools is certainly a lighthouse for us in North Carolina. We’re really proud of you.”

Harrison dropped in on several classrooms at each school, speaking with staff and students. “I admire your commitment and the fact that you’re extending yourselves and applying yourselves,” Harrison told an International Baccalaureate class at Marvin Ridge High School. “I think our future is in great hands.”

Davis said after the visit that he was honored to have Harrison take the time to visit Union County Pubic Schools. “Having a visit from the State Board of Education Chair is always an honor. However, the honor is even greater when an educator with the experience and reputation of Dr. Bill Harrison visits and provides such positive feedback on the work our students and teachers are doing,” Davis said.

“Dr. Harrison has been there as a teacher, principal and superintendent and he knows good schools when he sees them,” Davis added. “I am happy that he spent some quality time with us and got to see first-hand the many great things happening in UCPS.”

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Sep 22, 2011 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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