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When is science?

Will Guion examines his caterpillar.

Mrs. McClain’s class loves science!! The students are currently studying the life cycle of butterflies. The most prominent question that Mrs. McClain has to answer several times a day is, “When is science?”

Each student was given a caterpillar in a small plastic container. The students named their caterpillars. Their names were very creative from Boo Boo to Ashton. The students wrote their numbers on their container; therefore, each child would be able to check on his/her classroom pet.

They have observed their caterpillars feeding on the mallow in the bottom of the container. The students were amazed as they observed the silk that their caterpillar had already spun in the container! Students also observedthe caterpillar movingto the top of the container. The students learned how the caterpillar will shed its exoskeleton during the molting process. They will eventually witness the formation of the chrysalis and the complete metamorphosis, as the butterfly emerges! Simply AMAZING!


Written by: Dolores McClain, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: Sep 23, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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