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The Tarradiddle Players visit Prospect!

Cinderella leaving her prince at the stroke of midnight.

Cinderella is probably one of the most famous fairy tales known, with many versions throughout the world. Last Wednesday the students at Prospect saw a special live performance of Cinderella that they have never seen or heard of before, “The Commedia Cinderella,” performed by the Tarradiddle Players from the Children’s Theater of Charlotte.

Performed in the style of Commedia dell’arte, there are very little props, scenery or costumes. The actors depend on their voices and actions to create the characters, which is very entertaining. Roars of laughter were heard throughout the performance as students watch the four actors take on all the roles you would typically find in the Cinderella story, but with a more humorous tone. We all waited with anticipation as the step-sisters tried eagerly to fit their foot into the glass slipper and cheered when Cinderella was finally able to see her prince again!

Written by: Airen Hartis, Media Specialist at Prospect Elementary
Posted: Sep 26, 2011 by Airen Hartis

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