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Mudslinging for a Cause

Picture of the 300 ft. mudhole used by the Marshvegas Mudslingers during benefit events. Trucks and 4-wheelers pay to drive through the mudhole.

On Saturday, September 24, several Piedmont students joined the Marshvegas Mudslingers to raise money to benefit Corbin Crook, who battles Diamond Blackfan Anemia. Mudslinging involves people paying to drive a truck, 4-wheeler, or any other vehicle, through a 300-foot mudhole. The event raised $1150 to help with medical expenses associated with Corbin’s condition.  

The Marshvegas Mudslingers formed in March 2008 after Cody Hasty’s family dug out a mudhole just for the enjoyment of family and friends. However, soon after, a family member approached Hasty’s family to do a benefit for their child who had a rare skin cancer. Saturday’s mudslinging event focused around Diamond Blackfan Anemia, which is a rare blood disorder characterized by a failure of the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. This failure causes DBA patients such as Corbin to become severely anemic and thus need blood transfusions and medical treatment. 
Piedmont students who participated in the September 24 mudslinging event were Cody Hasty, Brooke Joyner, Megan King, Rachel Johnson, and Shelby Rice. According to Hasty, “We started out mudslinging just to have fun, but then people got word of it and began asking if we could do it as a benefit. “ Since March 2008, the Marshvegas Mudslingers have held 12 mudslinging events with all proceeds going to benefit families impacted with medical bills from a serious medical condition. 
For more information or to schedule a benefit mudslinging event, please contact Crystal Meggs at 704-320-7255. 

Written by: Donna Helms, Web Editor
Posted: Sep 27, 2011 by Donna Helms

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