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International Day of Peace Celebration

Third Graders in Mrs. Hoover's class attached statements and illustrations about peace to their banner.

Wednesday, September 21 was a special day at Porter Ridge Elementary School. Students had been learning about flags and other symbols from various countries. They showed off what they had learned so far by participating in the International Day of Peace.

Classes made flags and created banners to promote peace as they paraded around the school's walking track. Ms. Easterling’s Second Grade Class made origami cranes and reflected on how cranes symbolize peace in honor of Sadako and other victims who lost their lives in war. Now, there is a Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. Children gather there every year and dedicate their thousands of cranes at the Sadako Statue where they proclaim they will never bring on war again.

The celebration also included students from each class telling interesting facts about the countries they were learning about. The event concluded with several classes singing songs of peace, which were broadcast on the school's closed circuit system.

Written by: Penny Tomberlin
Posted: Sep 27, 2011 by Carol Blackwelder

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