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New Global Citizens Help House of Hope

Students in Mrs. Sarah Stott's New Global Citizens class are working to raise $5000 for the House of Hope in Uganda.

Students in Mrs. Sarah Stott's New Global Citizens class have a global mission. Their goal is to raise $5,000 to be sent to the House of Hope in Uganda. Uganda is plagued with no universal education, HIV, Aids, Malaria, TB, other diseases, extreme poverty and hunger, and child mortality. The House of Hope houses and educates children that have been orphaned by the spread of HIV/AIDS.

New Global Citizens is a national organization that works with young people to support them in helping to solve the world’s greatest challenges through partnerships with communities and projects around the world. NGC believes that today’s generation has the ability to help solve the world’s greatest challenges. The best way to do this is to support local people in the communities around the world who have found the sustainable solutions. 100% of funds teams raise goes directly to each team’s chosen Global Project.

As a group, the class must transfer 100% of the money NGC raises to the grassroots organization without taking any of the funding for administrative costs (the only exception is in the case of fees directly related to transferring the funds). Partner must also provide NGC with documentation to show how the NGC team's funds were transferred to the Global Project. Partners must show evidence of consistent financial transparency.

With that in mind, we need the help from the local community to provide us with donations. Below are some of the fundraising activities we are going to do this year:
1. Links for Change
2. Tip Jar at Businesses
3. Class money wars—need ‘breakfast’ donation to winning class
4. Walk around sporting events collecting donations
5. Raffle baskets—need items to raffle
6. Boys VB powder puff
7. Financial donations from any business/community

Any little bit can significantly assist us in attaining our goal. We appreciate your consideration and support.

Smooth Blendz of Waxhaw has already agreed to help by donating 20% of their total receipts to the class every Thursday 4-8 pm. Click here for a flyer from Smooth Blendz!

Written by: Mrs. Stott's New Global Citizens Class
Posted: Sep 29, 2011 by Paula White

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