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Highlighting Cultural Heritage Months

Piedmont Middle has a unique presence at school this year - a global teacher. Lindsey Gallagher, a former Spanish teacher at Unionville Elementary, has joined the staff and will be working with teachers and students to provide different resources and guidance in learning about and becoming more connected to the world (through various projects, lessons, pen pals, etc.). There is a group of 15 or so teachers throughout the county who applied to be a UCPS Global Teacher. We're excited about what this year will bring.

To start off, throughout the year Ms. Gallagher will be joining one of our 6th grade social studies teachers, Mr. Braketa, in sharing more about the different cultural heritage months that are celebrated throughout the year. Our students come from so many different backgrounds and we want them to know they are important. There is so much students can learn about their family, their history, our country and the world just by asking a few questions. We want to encourage them to learn more about their family, their background and about others as well. She will be coming into classes about once a month to teach, share and discuss different cultures, contributions, and ideas.

For September she is sharing about Hispanic Heritage month (Sept 15-Oct 15). Coming up: American Indian Heritage month, African American History month, Asian Pacific American Heritage month, and Caribbean American Heritage month.

Written by: Ms. Gallagher
Posted: Sep 30, 2011 by Karen Barbee

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