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Wesley Chapel Fire Dept. Visits Marvin ASP

Children at Marvin ASP listen to Wesley Chapel firemen explain fire safety.

Wesley Chapel Fire Department visited Marvin After School Program on Friday, September 16. The firemen visited as part of the Community Helpers theme week. They discussed fire hazards, fire safety, what to do in case of a fire, and what not to do. They even dressed out in their turn-out gear with air mask so the children wouldn't be scared of them in the event of a fire. Each child was allowed to try on the mask, fire helmets and gloves. The children were also permitted to climb in and check out the inside of the fire truck--that was a high point of the visit! Each child received a plastic helmet, stickers, and a coloring book. We send a big "thank-you" to Wesley Chapel Fire Department--we appreciate their support of our program!

Written by: Karen Smith
Posted: Sep 30, 2011 by Karen Smith

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