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Students bring Revolutionary times to life

The Revolutionary period in America was brought to life recently for fifth-grade students at Stallings Elementary School.

These activities, held in Chelsea Helms’ classroom, involved student groups researching different aspects of life during the Revolutionary War time period. They studied the life of the soldiers, military uniforms and weapons, famous people of the Revolutionary War, women's roles during the Revolutionary War, Revolutionary War flags, and the Declaration of Independence. 

Then, each group designed and set up a museum exhibit in the classroom. Throughout the morning of November 7, 2008, students from other classes and parents came to visit the classroom “Revolutionary War Museum.”

Several parent volunteers also came to help with the activities. Leasa Pittman helped the students become chandlers (candlemakers).

Michelle Williams brought the supplies to help students make and write with feather quill pens.  Susie Verrill and Laura Ridge helped students design tri-corn hats, a true fashion statement of the 1700's.
Greg Windeknecht helped students make johnny cakes from ingredients soldiers had in their rations.

Written by: Chelsea Helms, a teacher at Stallings Elementary
Posted: Jan 16, 2009 by Deb Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator

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