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An Outdoor Classroom is Built

Kirk Denny's Outdoor Classroom for Antioch

Kirk Denny, an Eagle Scout candidate and Weddington High School senior, selected our school to complete his Eagle Scout requirements.  The program requires candidates to improve an area or space that would benefit a community.  It also allowed him the service hours needed for his requirements.  Kirk worked with a parent, Ann O'Hara, and Antioch's principal, Mrs. Dillon, to help make an outdoor classroom for our school.  "They were encouraging and made it happen!" Kirk said.

"The classroom is bordered on 3 sides by woods and is nestled in a beautiful, grassy meadow between Antioch and the subdivision, Brookhaven.  Classes have already started using the site, and soon benches will be added to seat 30 or more students," two parents, Ann O'Hara and Peggy Rishe reported. 

The project was completed August 27th with 25 scouts in attendance the day of the completion.  Kirk was able to complete the project in 12 hours of combined effort, but this totaled to 150 hours of volunteer time and prep.  Kirk's brother, Stephen, attended Antioch for two years, but Kirk never did.  

A second grade teacher, Mr. Barrett, commented, "The outdoor classroom allows students and teachers an extra space to brainstorm and learn from.  This extension of learning can take us to places yet unknown.  I plan on taking my classes out there for mathematics and Reading/Writer's workshop, too.  Most would just assume it would be used for science, but it can be in all curricular areas."

"Kirk was motivated by an outdoor concept that was not offered when he was in elementary school.  It was great to be be able to focus on this new concept as an Eagle Scout project," his mother, Brenda Denny stated. "We are glad to see Kirk design and create this project that benefitted a school community.  We know he will continue to use his talents for the good of others.  That is in his heart.  Thank you to the Antioch community for their support and belief that Kirk could do this."

Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist
Posted: Sep 30, 2011 by Kathy Gwinn

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