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Global Project Teaches Students About Other Countries

Students Peruse Global Projects

Students throughout Weddington Elementary are learning about other countries and global issues all while they are also learning valuable math, geography, reading, writing and presentation skills all at the same time. Various projects can be seen in many different locations in our school and students are always eager to tell you what they’ve learned. Here is another example of Weddington going global in the classroom, written by two students who completed the project.

In Mrs. Campbell’s fifth grade AIG class, we were assigned an exciting, challenging and educational math project. We started by selecting a partner to work with, then we selected an interesting region somewhere around the world. Within each of these regions there are multiple countries that we also studied. To complete the project we researched things such as the population of each country and the area of each country. This data was displayed in a data table and a bar graph for the population. We were asked to round each population to the millions place and round each countries area to the greatest place. To make our projects even more visually appealing we added details like flags from the countries, maps and pictures of popular tourist attractions in these regions. We hope that after reading this you will come and check out our projects and all of the other wonderful things that Weddington students are doing to become more globally aware.

Written by: Courtney Connell and Haley Morreale, 5th Grade AIG Students
Posted: Oct 03, 2011 by Cassie Sloop

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