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Union County Early College Fiber Arts Club students enjoy the fall weather while making their tye dye creations.

An array of brightly colored T-shirts, with bulls-eye, striped, and freestyle designs, was the result of a tie dyeing session at UCEC last week. The day planned for this activity was clear and balmy, so students and their club sponsor, Mrs. Washburn, were able to set up work tables outside, where spills and splatters weren’t a problem.

In UCEC’s Fiber Arts Club, students are able to pursue their interest in fashion and fiber related arts. From learning to knit and sew to dyeing yarn and T-shirts, the student s gain new skills and add items to their wardrobes. They are also able to make gifts for others. Students and the club sponsor learned a few things from this initial attempt at tie dyeing—be sure to wear gloves (or, like Mrs. Washburn, sport purple and green fingers all weekend), don’t hang shirts dripping with deep purple dye on a clothesline stretched above other items (although some interesting designs were the result of this blunder), and be creative (not following written instructions for tie dye designs to the letter can yield interesting, eye-catching results).

With colder weather approaching, the club members plan to hold off on anymore attempts at dyeing for the time being and concentrate on cozier activities—learning how to knit and crochet. The students hope to complete scarves before the winter holiday, and, next semester, learning how to sew shorts is on the agenda.

Written by: Sylvia Roldan
Posted: Oct 07, 2011 by Sylvia Roldan

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