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Cinderella in Comedy comes to Antioch!

Comedia Cinderella performs.

 The Tarradiddle Players from the Children's Theratre Company came to Antioch to perform Comedia Cinderella, a theatrical performance, on September 28th.  They performed for the kindergarten, first, second, and third grade students.  

Their performance brought roars of laughter from the audience as the actors presented a Cinderella story that was written in comedy form.  Many of the students liked the part where the two male actors were running around the stage flailing loaves of bread.  That seemed to be a favorite moment in the play.

Our principal, Mrs. Dillon, heard about them through the Arts and Science Council.  She said she wanted to "give the children a theatrical experience and an opportunity to bring the arts into the classroom as well.  Curricular guides were given to all teachers involved to prepare the kids."  The guide also came with suggested follow-up lessons.  Mrs. Dillon believes that exposing children to different events and performances is important for every child's education.  

Mrs. Dillon also said, "The Tarradiddle Players always do a fantastic job when they come to our school.  The curricular guides that they provide make it not just a 45-minute learning experience.  Teachers have a chance to expand the experience even further both before and after the performance.  They will be doing another performance in the spring for our fourth and fifth graders.  We are so fortunate to have such an amazing resource available to us."

Thank you, Tarradiddle Players for entertaining our students.  

Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist
Posted: Oct 11, 2011 by Kathy Gwinn

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