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A Race to the Finish Pep Rally!

The PTO invests in our school!

 On September 30th, Antioch Elementary students were invited to attend a Pep Rally given by the PTO to highlight many of the Invest In a Child (IIAC) fundraising events.  The theme for IIAC this year is "Winning the Race in Technology", so the Pep Rally had a car racing theme.  

The Pep Rally was given to motivate and excite students to help our school raise money for technology.  Technology is the major goal for the capital campaign this year.   The PTO hopes the donations and contributions from the Antioch families will be enough for Mrs. Dillon's "Technology Wish List."  Items on the wish list include a SMART table or two for our EC and kindergarten classes, more voting devices for our K-2 classes, and a netbook cart or two.  Mrs. Beckerman, a PTO mother in charge of the IIAC, wishes to "build bright minds in a globally competitive world".  This technology will do just that.

The PTO likes fundraising programs like Invest in a Child since 100% of the monies garnered from the fundraising go directly to the students.  They don't have to sell anything since they are just simply asking for donations.    The PTO plans on developing this motivating event throughout October.  One of these events will involve Mrs. Dillon becoming an ice cream sundae!  Students will purchase toppings and sprinkles to create an ice cream sundae out of Mrs. Dillon!

Another IIAC fundraiser involved selling Entertainment books.  Congratulations to Katherine Kawyn and Sophie Pflug who won Disney on Ice tickets!   Other raffle drawings will be for a Rock Band with Mr. Graham.  Handprint tiles will also be done for students who contribute to the IIAC.  The tile wall is next to the gym.


Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist
Posted: Oct 11, 2011 by Kathy Gwinn

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