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Carol Jeffocat Raises Money to Save K-9 Soldiers

Carol Jeffcoat shows off her baked goods.

On September 11, when most of us were remembering the sacrifice of heroes, one of our Western Union students was working hard to save the life another hero... a K-9 solider!

 Carol Jeffcoat, a 4th grader at Western Union Elementary School, learned through her great uncle, a Vietnam veteran and former military dog handler, that his own dog, Dutchess, was euthanized once his service was complete due to the high cost of transporting the dog back to the United States. Dutchess was not able to return home with the other soliders due to money, a fate which is still a common one for K-9 soliders today.

 "This saddened me a great deal," Carol said. "I thought about poor Dutchess and the fact that our country is at war."

 Carol and her classmates are reminded daily of the Western Union Elementary School motto: "Give your best and nothing less!", and at Mineral Springs United Methodist Church Sunday school, Carol had learned the importance of giving back. So, Carol put those two lessons together and decided she could make difference in a K-9 solider's life.

Baking the goodies herself from the supplies she bought with her allowance money, Carol held a bake sale on September 11, 2011, with the goal to raise enough money to bring home one K-9 solider. She raised $1125.75 through the sale and donations.

"My wish is that I would have raised enough money to save and bring a dog home from Iraq, but it costs a lot more money than what I raised," Carol said. " But I know the money will be used for wonderful things for the dogs."

Carol's earnings will be presented on her behalf by her great uncle in October to Old Dawgs and Pups, an organization which assistants military handlers and their K-9 companions.

Carol may not have met her personal goal by bringing home one K-9 solider, but she certainly surpasses all expectations for a 4th grader!






Written by: Erinn Nichols
Posted: Oct 12, 2011 by Carrie Johnson

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