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Peace Pole installed during Ceremony

Emma McCord, Elizabeth Saunders and Joshua Rodriguez display their flags during the Peace Ceremony.

On September 21, 2011, students at Poplin Elementary learned about International Peace Day. Students in grades K-5 participated in different activities. 

Jennifer Taylor, a Fifth-grade Teacher, had students watch a video about Jeremy Gilley, who is credited with starting the Peace Day movement. Taylor said after students watched the video, students participated in a discussion about war and how fighting effects everything around it. Then students discussed how they could promote peace at home, at school, in North Carolina and around the world. Taylor said, “Students discussed how one person can make a difference.” Students created posters about peace and wrote and created anti-bullying commercials for the school.

Michelle Ruby, a first-grade teacher, created flags representing over 100 countries from around the world. Each first-grade student received a flag and during a peace ceremony represented their country. A Peace Pole was installed at the front of the school during the ceremony. “May Peace Prevail on Earth” is written on the Peace Pole in the four languages spoken by Poplin Elementary students: English, Spanish, Russian and Tagalog. The Tagalog language is spoken by Caroline Gopun, who is also a first-grade teacher, and who is from the Philippines. Gopun is working at Poplin Elementary School this year through VIF International which is a teacher exchange program and provider of international education programs. Students in Gopun’s first grade class also learned a song in Tagalog and performed the song for the school.

After a day of learning about peace, fifth-grade teacher Jennifer Taylor said, “I think this really made the students stop and think about how they fight and what they as an individual can do to promote peace and stop fighting at home, at school, around the state and the world.”

Written by: Beth Medlin, Media Coordinator and Jennifer Taylor, 5th Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 12, 2011 by Beth Medlin

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