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Fifth Grade Immerses In Japanese Culture

Fifth grade students have been immersed in Japanese culture. After conducting research about Japan, students participated in a variety of Japanese learning activities. Studying Japanese music, students created Japanese drums and experimented in creating different sounds. They discovered firsthand that using chopsticks to eat food is harder than it looks! Learning about Japanese customs, students also participated in a tea ceremony complete with green tea. Making global connections, students compared the Japanese diet to the American diet. Did you know that Japan has the number one lowest obesity rate in the developed world?

In addition, each fifth grade class investigated different aspects of Japanese art. Mrs. Harris’ class studied the ancient art of origami and created beautiful paper flowers and cups. Mrs. Pope’s class tried their hand in some Japanese calligraphy and learned how to write their names in this traditional style of writing. They also designed decorative Japanese fans. Mrs. Thom’s class created different types of colorful Japanese lanterns. This artwork is on display on the bulletin board near the front office. Please come by and take a look at this beautiful display of Japanese culture!

Written by: Mindy Pope, Susanne Thom, Jessica Harris
Posted: Oct 13, 2011 by Gina James

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