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The Wild Things Are Here...

The Ceramics I class at Porter Ridge High School is designed to give students a wide range of experiences in hand built clay projects. Students who have completed an Art I class are eligible to take the Ceramics I class. They begin with very basic hand building projects to develop the skills needed to work with clay successfully. Some of these are Pinch Pots, Coiled Pots and Slabbed designs. We later move on to extruded clay, plaster slump molds, then combinations of all the hand building methods when creating projects.

Already this year the students have:

• built characters from the Children's book and movie "Where the Wild Things Are"
• investigated Native American symbols and created a Native American themed vessel
• created a self-designed coiled vessel with a handle
• learned to slab clay and built their own clay wizards with slabs

To connect to literature, the Ceramics students took a look at the characters of the book "Where the Wild Things Are", discussed their personalities and appearance, then choose one of the characters to recreate. They used Pinch Pots and additional clay pieces to complete these characters.

In the upcoming weeks, the students will be using the book "Long Way Gone" to connect to emotions and human nature as seen in art. Clay Masks will be designed by each student that evoke the emotions felt by the characters in this book. The goal is to make the emotion on the facade of the mask so powerful, the viewer cannot help but feel a connection to the mask and the characters in the book.

See a gallery of the Where the Wild Things Are projects by clicking here!

Written by: Jan Kerley, Ceramics Teacher
Posted: Oct 13, 2011 by April Dawkins

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