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Pilot program gives Weddington High students ‘netbook’ laptops

Weddington High received 114 netbooks donated by Dell in the pilot program that began second semester. Four teachers from Weddington High, Mrs. McTamney, Mrs. Hearne, Mr. Shuler, and Mr. Ellington, were chosen in grade nine. Students were assigned small laptops called “netbooks” that they carry to class and then home in the evening. Weddington High School principal Brad Breedlove said the school system has to use this type of technology to prepare students for college. “Every major university expects their students to have their own laptop, Ipod, etc. and know how to use them with an educational purpose,” he said. “They have built their entire instructional process around the use of these every day tools, and they are every day tools at that level. The longer our students continue to use the same pedagogy that we used decades ago, the harder it will be for them to catch up.”

Written by: Cheryl Edwards
Posted: Feb 08, 2010 by Cheryl Edwards

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