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The Mars Hill Experience

Katie and her friend enjoyed a week with other student council representatives from across the state.

This summer several Marvin Ridge Middle School student council representatives attended a leadership workshop at Mars Hill College. Of the eleven student council representatives that attended the camp some were newcomers with high hopes for a great week and others were student council veteran attendees with fond memories of past workshops. Both groups were very enthusiastic and eager to get started on a great week. Over the course of the five day workshop students participated in many activities. 

The week opened with a general session in which students got situated and met their roommates in their dorms. They then headed out to their first council meetings to learn more about how student councils around the state operate. On Tuesday, students learned more about the election process and elections were held during the council meetings to decide which students would hold the positions of council president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, banquet chair, tech person and committee chair person. These elected officers then spent the afternoon in meetings to learn more about the responsibilities of their position. 
On Wednesday, students reported and continued with their meetings. After the meetings the annual folk dance was held and everyone enjoyed this time socialize and dance. On Thursday, guys chose girls to be their dates for the banquet and bonfire.  At the banquet, skits that had been created and practiced during the week were performed in front of the entire crowd.  Later that night, students attended a bonfire which was the highlight of the entire week. As students gathered around the bonfire they quietly discussed and reflected upon the week and tears were shed because the week was coming to an end and no one wanted to leave Mars Hill. 
Friday was moving out day and names and numbers of new friends were exchanged as students packed their belonging to head back home. Everyone cried a few more tears as they said their goodbyes and “Mars Hill was left with no evidence of students having spent the best week of their lives there” said Katie Aten. Students though will now return to their schools with evidence of new friendships, ideas and initiatives from their time in Mars Hill and the memories of an experience they will never forget.

Written by: Katie Aten
Posted: Oct 14, 2011 by Brita Mann

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