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Senior of the Month

Carson Rich, Senior of the month

Today I must introduce you to a man, a man who is the life of the parties he’s never attended. Some have described his personality as indescribable. His name is Carson Rich, and he is quite possibly the most interesting man at Weddington High School.
He indulges in such activities as extreme white water rafting, venturing the mountains, and bible studies with his pals. Of course you all know him as the student body president and a good one at that. Reigning the throne since his freshman year, he knows how to take the lead. He describes himself as a helpful person and problem solver and he certainly proves those facts in pressure situations. Especially on the big stage of the theatre Carson displays his talent. He participated in the productions of Seussical: The Musical, The Curious Savage, and many in-class plays during in his years at Weddington.
Carson’s favorite movies include Forrest Gump and Mrs. Doubtfire, a childhood favorite. So, you know he has good taste in movies but how about his literature? His favorite novel is The Hobbit, a literary work of art, which is being adapted into a two-part film sometime in 2012.
After college Carson plans on taking part in some sort of media. Communications or a news network will suit him well. I would not be surprised to see Carson on “Good Morning, America” in the near future, where his practice on the intercom in the morning will definitely come in handy. Carson has told me that he sees laughter as the solution to many problems. Of course, his humorous attitude will help him along many roads in life.
His favorite animal is the mighty lion, an inspiration to many young children and men seeking bravery. Just like a lion, Carson continues to inspire many around the school and is a role model to all as the most interesting man one could know.

Written by: Matt Burns, Features Editor, Junior
Posted: Oct 14, 2011 by Cheryl Edwards

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